Python Integration

Automa can be used as a library for the Python programming language. In fact, Automa is a Python library: The Automa console that ships with the download is nothing more than a Python interpreter with a few bells and whistles. All of Automa's commands start, click, write etc. are Python functions that can be called from other Python scripts. When you are programming in Automa, you are actually writing Python code, and all of Python's built-in constructs – loops, if-statements, function definitions etc. – are at your fingertips. To run an Automa script as a Python application, all that is required is to add the following line to the top of the file:

from automa.api import *

and to add the location of the archive from the directory that you unpacked Automa to to your PYTHONPATH environment variable. (More detailed step-by-step instructions can be found here.)

The fact that Automa is integrated into Python has several crucial advantages:

  • All of Python's constructs - loops, if-statements, function definitions... - and third-party libraries can be used with Automa.
  • It is not necessary to learn a "new" programming language.
  • Vast amounts of documentation and community support are available on the net.
  • Extensive Tool Support.