Using Automa as a Python library

To use Automa as a Python library (or from a Python IDE), you need to choose the ZIP version of Automa on our download page:

Downloading Automa as a ZIP archive

You also need 32 bit Python version 2.7.6. All of these numbers are important; in particular, please ensure that you are using a 32 bit and not a 64 bit version of Python. You can download the correct installer from Python's official home page here.

Once you have extracted the Automa ZIP archive and installed Python, you need to update your PYTHONPATH environment variable to point to the file in the directory you extracted into. Suppose you extracted into c:/Tools. Then your file lies at a location similar to

c:/Tools/Automa 1.4.10/

You need to set your PYTHONPATH environment variable to this value:

Adding Automa\s to the PYTHONPATH

And that's it! To verify you have done everything correctly, start python.exe from the directory you installed Python into, and type:

from automa.api import *

Your Python window should then look similar to the following:

Successful import of Automa into Python

If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to drop us a line on contact page.