Java Support

To make Java applications "visible" to Automa, you need a component called the Java Access Bridge. Starting with Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 7u6, this component is automatically included. We therefore recommend using JRE version 7u6 or higher.

Configuring and enabling the Java Access Bridge

Once you have ensured that the Java Access Bridge is installed on you computer, you need to enable it. This is most easily done by editing the file in the lib/ directory of your Java Runtime Environment. If you are using 64 bit Java 7 and chose the default installation path, then this file should be at c:\Program Files\Java\jre7\lib\ By default, this file should have the following contents:

# Load the Java Access Bridge class into the JVM
# screen_magnifier_present=true

To enable the Java Access Bridge, you need to uncomment the last two lines, so the file looks as follows:

# Load the Java Access Bridge class into the JVM

Moreover, the following steps are required (in Windows Vista and later):

  • Activate the Ease of Access Center by pressing Windows+U, or navigate to Start Menu -> Control Panel -> Ease of Access -> Ease of Access Center.
  • Navigate to and activate the "Use a computer without a display" link.
  • Navigate to and check the "Enable Java Access Bridge" check box in the "Other programs installed" section of the dialog box.
  • Navigate to and activate the "OK" button to dismiss the dialog.

Alternatively (in Windows XP, for example), you can activate the Java Access Bridge from the command line, by running the following command:

%JRE_HOME%\bin\jabswitch -enable

Where %JRE_HOME% is the directory of your JRE - c:\Program Files\Java\jre7 by default.

For further information on enabling the Java Access Bridge please refer to the following links:


If after the above steps Automa is still unable to automate your application, please try the jEdit example in our Examples section. This must work and might give you an insight into which configuration you have to change to make Automa work for your Java application. If you still have problems or any questions, please do get in touch on our contact page. We are very keen to help and usually reply within a few hours.