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The Bug Hunt Game at EuroSTAR 2013

Update 05/11/2013: The Bug Hunt Game will take place on Wednesday, Nov 6 in the Community Hub at EuroSTAR. Come find us!

As explained in a previous blog post, we won two places for this year's EuroSTAR testing conference in Gothenburg, Sweden. We can't wait to attend this great event, and have prepared a special game for the other attendees, to let them relax, have fun and meet new people.

The rules of the game are the following: Each player is either a "bug" or a "bug hunter". Players receive badges that show which of the two they are. When a bug and a bug hunter meet, they play rock paper scissors. The winner takes one of the other player's lives. A scoreboard will be kept and at the end of the day the winner (ie. the person with the most lives) will be announced. We're curious to see whether it will be a bug or a bug hunter!

The game was developed during a workshop by Oana Juncu at Agile Testing Days 2013, in close collaboration with Jesper Lottosen (@jlottosen on Twitter).

The game will most likely take place on Wednesday or Thursday. You can sign up for it in the EuroSTAR Community Hub. We will publish further details here and via our Twitter account.

See you at the conference and, as always, happy automating! :-)

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