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Automa 1.9.0: A Sikuli Alternative

Many big news for us these weeks :-) We just released version 1.9.0 of Automa, our next generation GUI automation tool. For this version, we completely rewrote Automa's image search algorithms. These are used when you use the Image predicate to find (and interact with) an image shown on the screen. The new algorithms are more robust with respect to differences between the sought image and the actual image on screen. What's more, the new algorithms are compatible with the widely used Sikuli image automation tool.

Sikuli is a visual technology to automate and test graphical user interfaces using images (screenshots). It is open source and cross-platform. It supports text recognition using OCR, but unlike Automa does not support distinguishing different types of GUI elements, or to extract data from them.

The image search algorithm used in the new version of Automa is fully compatible with that of Sikuli. That is, if you used Sikuli to search for an image "my_button.png" with a minimum similarity of 0.8 (say), then the following Automa command will return exactly the same results:

Image("my_button.png", min_similarity=0.8)

As always, you can combine this command with Automa's other functions. For example:

click(Image("my_button.png", min_similarity=0.8))

We like to think that this makes Automa's GUI element search strictly more powerful than Sikuli's. With the new algorithm, Automa can find any image that Sikuli can find, plus it lets you:

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your copy of Automa from our download page!

Happy automating ;-)

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