Automa - Next Generation GUI Automation Tool

What is Automa?

Automa is a tool for Windows that lets you automate repetitive tasks in the graphical user interface (GUI) of your computer. It enables you to control your PC with simple commands such as start, click and write. You use these commands just like you would when giving instructions to someone looking over their shoulder at a screen - the only difference is that you type them. Once you have entered a few commands, you can save them to a file that can be played back at the click of a button, at a specified interval or from within a build/test management tool. This makes you more productive and lets you do something more meaningful or enjoyable with your time.

The Automa Manifesto

Be high-level
Using Automa should feel like giving instructions to a human looking over their shoulder at a screen. It should not require reference to application-internal ids or wait commands.
Be simple
A new user should be able to automate a first use case within 20 minutes of downloading Automa.
Be lightweight
Automa should not require installation and must not be bloated with unnecessary features. Its scripts should be effortless to deploy.
Many good IDEs and build/test management solutions exist. Integrate into them so the user can employ the tool of his choice instead of having to learn a new one.
Our customers

Easy Automation

With Automa anyone can automate any application using our small set of simple commands:

write("admin", into="Username")
click("Log in")
press(CTRL + 's')

Simple Data Extraction

Our API allows you to read values and properties of text fields and other standard GUI elements:

>>> TextField("File name").value
>>> TextField("File name").is_readonly()
>>> TextField("File name").is_enabled()
btn = Button("Save")
if btn.exists() and btn.is_enabled():
    # do something

Image Recognition

In some cases, text-based automation is not possible. If needed, you can also use Automa's image recognition functionality to identify, find and interact with any GUI element:

if Image("play_button.png").exists(): 

Automa also supports 2-dimensional visual regular expressions which can greatly help with the image-based automation. Learn more